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Venta de aviones y helicópteros

Airplane and Helicopter Sales

In order to make a right purchase of an aircraft whether it is a fixed wing or rotor wing (Cessna, Piper, Robinson, Bell, etc.) it requires Knowledge and Experience.
At Arica we analyse your requirement before offering an aircraft. This way we can recommend witch aircraft offers more benefits for your Investment.

Venta y Servicios de Aviónica

Avionic Sales and Service

The brands we use are leaders in the AVIATION market (navigation, communication and instrument integration systems for aircraft). In our avionic shop not only do we check that your instruments are in proper operating condition but we can install equipment that will help you improve the information you need for a safer flight.

Mantenimiento en línea

Line Maintenance

We offer line maintenance with qualified personal at our certified service station # ARICA-04-N. We can work on most aircraft (under 5.700 Kg), engines and components.

Taxi aéreo/ Coordinación de vuelos

Air Taxi/Flight Arrangement

We arrange your air taxi needs depending in your preference and requirements in the best aircraft Available.

Venta de Repuestos

Parts Sales

We keep a large Inventory of original parts with their airworthiness approval tags.

Aceites y Lubricantes

Oil and Lubricant Sales

We offer the best name brands of oil and lubricant in order to give long life and safety to the operation of your engine and aircraft.

Recepción y Despacho de Aeronaves

Aircraft Dispatch

We will Receive, Dispatch, and Care for your aircraft while it’s in our HANGAR 7.

Entrenamiento de Helicóptero

Helicopter Training

Coordinating with Robinson Helicopter Company factory training or with an ecuadorian pilot instructor, we can prepare a specialized program just for your needs.

Entrenamiento Policial

Police Training

With the presence and under the instruction of Police officer Jose J. Barajas, we prepare courses that perfect Police Pilots in their tactical flight.

Otros Servicios

Other services

We offer structural repairs and alterations (STC’s):

  • Structural repairs and alterations (STC’s).
  • Paint: Complete, partial or Logo
  • Field overhauls for Robinson helicopters.
  • Anti-corrosion application with ACF-50.
  • Weight and balance.
  • Dynamic balancing for airplanes and helicopters.