About Us


About Us

Aeroservicios Generales C.A. “ARICA”, started in the late 70’s under the ownership of Sucre Perez B. and then in 1998 son Xavier Perez, pilot at heart, touch over the family business. He saw a business opportunity in aviation and re-organized the company to focus more on maintenance. ARICA’s HANGAR 7 is located at the Int’l Airport (SEGU) Jose Joaquín de Olmedo in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Services not only Fix wing and Rotor wing aircraft.

As ARICA grew in the market it has sought out companies to represent in order to offer a more complete service. Among these companies are; Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), Garmin International Inc., AVIDYNE Inc., Simplex Aerospace, D.A.C., Bose, ACF-50, David Clack Company, T.A.D., and Towcart.

Today ARICA leads the general aviation market of Ecuador and is one of the few authorized companies by the Ecuadorian aviation authority DGAC (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) under part 145 and Authorized Service Center for R22, R44 and R66. Offers a complete line in aircraft sales, parts sales, avionic sales and Installation, line maintenance, structural repairs, paint, field overhauls for RHC, anti-corrosion application, weight and balance, dynamic balancing for airplanes and helicopters.

“A full line of sales and services for the general aviation in Ecuador.”